Welcome to my website!

I would like to introduce to you this special breed, the bolognese.

The bolognese is a very rare breed which is a pity. There are only a few breeders around the world. It is a beautiful breed and I hope soon more people will get interested.

On this website you will find a breed description, history, information about our dogs and puppies and much more...

The kennel is FCI recognized and of course we are a member of the breed club. Next to that I am also the breed correspondent for this club and I am the webmaster of the blog for this breed, you can find it all here.

We have a small kennel with only a few dogs and puppies from time to time. Above all I want my dogs to be healthy and get enough attention. I want to have enough time to give the dogs everything they deserve. Especially because the breed is so rare, we have to be careful with health issues. All my dogs are tested on hereditary diseases before having a litter. Next to that, all the dogs go to dogshows on a regular basis and we breed only with dogs who get the highest ranking of “excellent”.

Our dogs are very successful in the showring and the titel "Best bolognese of the year in Holland" have we gained now 4 years in row. Our dogs Noah, Ginger and Julieta are the first 3 Dutch Youth Champions ever in Holland. We won many other titles like Amsterdam Winner Titles, Championship titles and even Vice World Champion. We show our dogs to make sure we are working with breed typical dogs and next to that it is great fun!

For every litter we will try to use the best possible parents. Because the breed is so rare it is very hard to find the correct type and structural sound dogs and it costs time and effort to make the best choices.

We wish you a lot of fun while watching this website.

If you have any suggestions please let me know through our form or sign the guestbook.

Jessica and the dogs!