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Gingers litter is now 9 months old and all are developing wonderful! All 5 had excellent bites after the change from puppy to adult teeth. It seems all 5 are of top quality with 4 out of 5 so far going to be used in their owners breeding program and/or going to dog shows. I am very proud! Here are some nice pictures of the boys! Unfortunately I didnt get a recent picture of Eloisa yet.

Little White Wonder Ennio Aliso, pet name Mario
Owned by Joanne Bailey, Jebco Kennel, USA


Little White Wonder Emilio Aliso, pet name Mio
Owned by Ladislav Kamenicky, Aphaia Kennel, Slovakia


Little White Wonder Eliano Aliso, pet name Eliano
Owned by Trijnie Slootjes, The Netherlands


Little White Wonder Elario Aliso, pet name Pluis
Owned by Annemarie Sluyters, The Netherlands


Little White Wonder Eloisa Alisa, pet name Eloisa
Owned by Alberto Veronesi, kennel Vignola dei Conti, Italy

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