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Sakala, pedigree name Little White Wonder Delizia Julia, was in Holland for 2 weeks. She and one of her owners Pam spent two weeks in our house. Sakalas other owner Gloria asked me to handle Sakala at the World Dog Show and we thought it would be wise for me to practice with Sakala for a few weeks and get to know her better. This way I was also able to meet Pam and eventhough I was very busy I got to know Pam better too and I am happy to have met her, such a warm person who loves dogs so much and dogs love her! Sakala was already so well trained that I didnt even had to spend so much time on getting her to walk and stand pretty, she also seems to be a natural talent and wanted to do everything for her bait. Sakala has been to the dogshow in Zwolle with me and also to Bratislava. It was good for me to see how she grew out and what a nice dog she had become. I always had a special place in my heart for her and after this experience even more. Thank you Pam for giving her such great socialisation and taking such good care of her! After the World Dog Show Sakala went home with Gloria.

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