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At the International Dogshow in Zwolle Macho gained the last CAC necessary for the title Dutch Champion. In Holland the last CAC point must be gained after 27 months of age. Macho was 27 months and 3 days! Macho is our first homebred Dutch Champion and the second national Champion after his brother Turbo, who was a Norwegian Champion. Machos litter, our C litter, was our first litter that had show quality puppies. Some breeders say they have litters full with showchampions but I dare to say that can not be true. Even with the best parents there is no guarantee. Anyway, the dogshow in Zwolle was really special to me. There were 5 bolognese entered and Macho didnt only get the title of Dutch Champion, he also was Best of Breed. Many thanks to the judge who recognized his beauty. Jackie was also entered and this little girl did very well and got the judgment: “very promissing”. Furthermore Sakala was in Holland for 2 weeks and I took her to this show too, she got excellent 2nd.

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