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On the 28th of December we got the most beautiful belated Christmas present. Jackie gave birth to 4 Little White Wonders, 2 boys AND 2 girls. The father is Little White Wonder Cirino Oidi (Macho). This is a very special litter to us. It feels like the crown on our successes in 2010 where Jackie got World Junior Winner and European Junior Winner and Macho got European Champion, Dutch Champion, Luxemburg Champion, Norwegian Champion and International Champion. It feels very special to have this 3rd generation in our house. We have grandmother Zoë (7 years old), father Macho and now these little perfect angels.


We have been thinking about the names for quite a while, because they should be very special. I normally choose Italian names but the little problem with that is that there are NO Italian names with an H. Then we always dedicate part of the name to the mother and if the male is a dog we own also to the father. And eventhough Zoë is already the grandmother of 20 puppies in Norway and even great grandmother to 8 that were born a few weeks ago, this is the first time we have this line back in the puppies so Zoë deserves her place in the name as well…We came up with some H names that sound Italian (or Latin) in a way.

The boys:
Little White Wonder Horatio Cirino
Little White Wonder Homerus Cirino

The girls:
Little White Wonder Helena Zoë Jacy
Little White Wonder Hanina Zoë Jacy

The 3rd name for the females comes from the combination of the names of the parents, J(ackie) and C(irino), pronounced as DJAY and SIE, or Jacy.

One of the females has been born with incredibly nice pigmentation already, a picture, just a few hours old


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