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Just one dog from our breeding was present at the World Dog Show in Salzburg this year. But what a great result! Little White Wonder Emilio Aliso won World Winner 2012 and Best of Breed!! Way to go!Mio is a son of Ginger  and  is owned by Ladislav Kamenicky, Kennel Aphaia.

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On October 25th our K litter is born (Ginger x Benny). Ginger waited until day 67 after mating and kept us up for quite some nights but with a wonderful result. Two boys and two girls with the most incredible coat ever. Welcome to the world:

Little White Wonder Kenobi Aliso
Little White Wonder Keano Aliso
Little White Wonder Katarina Alisa
Little White Wonder Kristina Alisa


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At the end of the Specialty Show there were some nice competitions and we did pretty well:

LWW Jacinto Oidi, owned by Claire Tibbe and me got BEST IN SHOW BABY out of 8 different breeds, he is something special!
















Then my lovely new girl Xara got BEST IN SHOW PUPPY 4th place, handled very well by Claire











Next was the braceclass competition, my mother took the task to show Jackie and Macho and was rewarded with 3rd place out of 10 different braces.





















Next was breedersgroup, with 3 to 5 dogs bred by same breeder and out of 5 my kennel got placed Reserve Best in Show. We showed LWW Cirino Oidi, LWW Giorgio Aliso (Owner Y. Rannestad) and LWW Jacinto Oidi (Owner Claire Tibbe and me).

At the end there was the BEST IN SHOW judging, 16 different breeds and the bolognese LWW Giorgio Aliso, who got Best of breed out of 23 entries, was placed 8th BeST IN SHOW. NOT BAD!!

There was the nice posibility to have the eyes of all dogs ECVO tested so we had LWW Giorgio Aliso, LWW Giotto Aliso, Ginger and Jackie tested and all were eyes clear! Might be the most important achievement of the day!

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In Holland a dog needs to be 27 months to become Dutch Champion after gaining at least 4 CAC. Only best male and best female get CAC. Jackie got Best female at the Specialty show which is worth even 2 CAC and with this, the first show after becomign 27 months, she gained the title Dutch Champion. I am so happy with this little beautiful crazy girl!

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A great day with 23 bolognese entered. Judge was very impressed by so many entries. The Dutch Kennelclub has the rule that if there are more than 20 entered of which at least 16 are showed there will be a Double CAC for each best male and best female. So far in history it never happened before for the bolognese.
*Dogs written in Italic are owned, bred or showed by me

Herewith the results:

Baby Class Males

Little White Wonder Jacinto Oidi (owner C. Tibbe and J. van Driel, breeder J. van Driel) Very Promissing, Best baby of breed, BEST BABY IN SHOW

Youth Class Males

Little White Wonder Giorgio Aliso (owner Y. Rannestad, breeder J. van Driel) EXCELLENT 1, CAC, BEST MALE, BEST OF BREED, BEST IN SHOW 8
Little White Wonder Giotto Aliso (owner P. Masters, breeder J. van Driel) EXCELLENT 2

Perlariccios Erox (owner L. Karlsson and S. Livingood, breeder L. Karlsson) EXCELLENT 3
Predatino Benji (owner S. Hewitson and C. Jongejans, breeder K. Toth) VERY GOOD 4

Intermediate Class Males

Aquavit Kind of Magic (owner K. Mossberg, breeder C. Johansson) EXCELLENT 1
Zany Denajwen (owner D. Tosseli, breeder J. Volsicky) EXCELLENT 2
Perlariccios Dexter (owner and breeder L. Karlsson) EXCELLENT 3

Open Class Males

Scheffelfaltets Carl Larsson (owner P. Sundqvist, breeder E. Scheffel) EXCELLENT 1
Garellan Herkules (owner S. Nikkila, breeder H. Pajulahti) EXCELLENT 2

Champion Class Males

Little White Wonder Cirino Oidi (owner and breeder J. van Driel) EXCELLENT 1, RCAC
Sandra’s first white star Benji (owner S. Scholz, breeder S. Block) EXCELLENT 2

Puppy Class Females

Xara von Liebertwolkwitz (owner J. van Driel, breeder Beate Loessner) VERY PROMISSING 1, BEST PUPPY, BEST IN SHOW 4
Emily van het Balgzand (owner S. Hewitson and C. Jongejans, breeder C. Jongejans) VERY PROMISSING 2

Junior Class Females

Perlariccio Desideria (owner L. Karlsson and C. Axelsson) EXCELLENT 1
Marieta Mia z Hrabovskych Luk (owner G. Burkina, breeder V. Veverkova) EXCELLENT 2
Dalila di Chiesanova (owner S. Scholz, breeder C. Perondi) EXCELLENT 3
Moorhey Spring Flower (owner and breeder S. Hewitson) EXCELLENT 4

Intermediate Class Females

Just for Fun of the Black Orchid (owner and breeder C. Tibbe) EXCELLENT 1
Aquavit Magic all the Way (owner and breeder C. Johansson) EXCELLENT 2

Open Class Females

Krista (owner J. van Driel, breeder A. Veronesi) EXCELLENT 1, CAC, BEST FEMALE

Champion Class Females

Alisa od Ceske Lipy (owner J. van Driel, breeder, Z. Kohotov) EXCELLENT 1, RCAC

Veteran Class Females

Tabula Rasa Brigitta (owner C. Tibbe, breeder G. Vervoort VanPuyvelde) VERY GOOD

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With the blue blanket is Noah x Julieta 6 days old, with the red blanket is Noah x Giorgia 2 days old. Enjoy!

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On the 28th of December we got the most beautiful belated Christmas present. Jackie gave birth to 4 Little White Wonders, 2 boys AND 2 girls. The father is Little White Wonder Cirino Oidi (Macho). This is a very special litter to us. It feels like the crown on our successes in 2010 where Jackie got World Junior Winner and European Junior Winner and Macho got European Champion, Dutch Champion, Luxemburg Champion, Norwegian Champion and International Champion. It feels very special to have this 3rd generation in our house. We have grandmother Zoë (7 years old), father Macho and now these little perfect angels.


We have been thinking about the names for quite a while, because they should be very special. I normally choose Italian names but the little problem with that is that there are NO Italian names with an H. Then we always dedicate part of the name to the mother and if the male is a dog we own also to the father. And eventhough Zoë is already the grandmother of 20 puppies in Norway and even great grandmother to 8 that were born a few weeks ago, this is the first time we have this line back in the puppies so Zoë deserves her place in the name as well…We came up with some H names that sound Italian (or Latin) in a way.

The boys:
Little White Wonder Horatio Cirino
Little White Wonder Homerus Cirino

The girls:
Little White Wonder Helena Zoë Jacy
Little White Wonder Hanina Zoë Jacy

The 3rd name for the females comes from the combination of the names of the parents, J(ackie) and C(irino), pronounced as DJAY and SIE, or Jacy.

One of the females has been born with incredibly nice pigmentation already, a picture, just a few hours old


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We had entered our dogs but unfortunately the weather was too bad to drive there in our opinion…so we stayed home. But our kennel was represented by our co-own male Little White Wonder Geronimo Aliso (Nimo). Nimo is in co-owning with Claire Tibbe, Kennel “Of the Black Orchid”. I want to thank Claire for taking such good care of Nimo and at the show he became Best Baby of Breed and later in the ring of honor he escaped his leash so everyone on the tribune would pay attention to him..this resulted in getting BEST IN SHOW GROUP 3! I look forward to see him competing in Junior Class next year!!

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Wonderful show again with great results….we entered our two champions of 2010 and they finish the showyear with the best results!

Judge Rui Oliviera, 4 bolognese entered

Little White Wonder Cirino Oidi, CAC, CACIB, Best Male

Julieta z Hrabovskych Luk, CAC, CACIB, Best of Breed!

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A rainy day in Holland. Bolognese been running around in the garden, wet and dirty…now what is the fastest way to get dry??!!