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Some more pictures…

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12 bolognese entered, judge Henny van den Berg. I decided to show Macho, Emma, Jackie, Julieta and Giorgia, and of course our dear Lili….

Best Baby: Emma di Chiesanova, RES BEST BABY IN SHOW!
Best Puppy: Liliana z Hrabovskych Luk (in coowning with Claire Tibbe)
Best Male: Little White Wonder Cirino Oidi (Macho)
Best Female: Julieta z Hrabovskuch Luk AND BEST OF BREED, CLUBWINNER 2010
Res Best Female: Krista (Jackie)
Brace: Krista and Macho, 4th in SHOW

Picture made by Henny van den Berg, thank you!


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She is turning into a little beauty!

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Emma loves to play with her little half-brothers!

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A rainy day in Holland. Bolognese been running around in the garden, wet and dirty…now what is the fastest way to get dry??!!

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We went to Luxemburg with some of our doggies, the results:

Macho (Little White Wonder Cirino Oidi): CACL, CACIB, Luxemburg Champion
Jackie (Krista): Luxemburg Junior Champion
Julieta: CACL, RCACIB (only 5 months after her litter)
Emma: Best Baby Bolognese

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Enjoy some “action” pictures! The puppies start to play now and it is so much fun watching them…