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29-09-2009 - 08:53 PM
Christina Peters
- petersbckm@msn.com

Hello! Maybe you do not remmeber me, but we got Amedeo from you in August of 2006. Well it is time for us to move with the military again and I thought you might like to know that Mayo (as we call him) and his brother the cat will be enjoying the beach and sun in Hawaii! We thought that moving to Hawaii was a possibility, so months ago, I started the process for Mayo and Marty (our cat) to be able to enter Hawaii without having to be quarantined! We finished that process and they are both cleared to enter Hawaii with us and will be able to leave the airport with us instead of being quarantined for 4 months! I am so thrilled we started the process before even being told we were going there, but I knew Hawaii had strict quarantine laws, so I wanted to be safe. I just thought I would let you know because I remember this being a concern of yours when we adopted Mayo. He is just the best dog ever and life would not be the same without him, so thanks for our wonderful little boy!

Best to you!

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